Josh Allmann

I am a software engineer. My current areas of interest are video, crypto{graphy, currency} and AI. Here are some of my recent projects.

Screenshot of Ephemeral Postal

Ephemeral Postal

Disposable E-mail for developers. Perfect for integration tests, CI, monitoring, webhooks, or simple privacy.

Screenshot of OTP Guard

OTP Guard

Multi-factor authentication for Github pull requests. Lock down your repositories.

Screenshot of the Transfix QR Code Reader

QR Code Reader

Read QR codes entirely in-browser. 100% safe and secure. Special handling for TOTP authenticator URIs.

Screenshot of the site with metadata for the image of a girl with her pet hippo

Image Metadata Reader

The fastest and most secure image metadata reader on the Internet. Runs entirely in-browser.

Screenshot of the Transfix price segmentation site

Price Segmentation API

Retrieve location and income for your website's visitors. Use for dynamic pricing, compliance, retention and more.

Screenshot of the Midjourney image analyzer

Midjourney Image Analyzer

Search and sort your Midjourney jobs by prompts, parameters and image similarity

Screenshot of the Midjourney image downloader browser extension for Chrome

Midjourney Image Downoader

Download images and prompts from Midjourney with this browser extension for Chrome.

Daily Standup

On a (semi-) daily basis, I try to keep myself accountable by working in public and posting what I've done on Twitter.